About Us

We need to showcase our findings, and solutions through publications studies and social media. To bring awareness to the challenges and solutions as well as the beauty and power horses can bring, to help others care, and be cared for.

All through the influence of the horse

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Creating an environment to better​understand the horse industry. Reviewing areas of concern like pollution and health care and document our findings in publications and social media for change through knowledge.

Environment. Technology. Human Interaction

Our goal is to create a self-reliant industry powered by its own waste stream for the good of the environment - empower everyone to ride, live, and heal through the influence of the horse.

Our mission is to study the imapct of the horse Industry to positivly impact the planet. 

To understand the negative efffects of the industry. Pollution. Wellness. Image.
  To provide solution & showcase our findings.
To create centers of excellence. Publications. Studies & Events.

It takes money to make changes - we look forward to your support.




Giving new life to our horse industry with an environmental-technology-first strategy. Changing the heart and mind of the horse industry to government and the public. To improve the environmental footprint and benefits to people and our planet.
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to Health. Security. Education. & Beauty - within the equine industry for the betterment and stewardship of all.

Created from a leading group of experts in our fields. Equestrians. Waste Management. Water & Air Pollution experts. Government. Ag-tech, Clean-tech, Renewables & their industry partners. 


Built from a diverse group of individuals with a love for horses and perfection of our art. We have a tri-fold mission. One where we work with governments for legislative change in protecting water quality,  leaching and environmental challenges from horses. Education with Centers of Excellence, fulfilling equestrian dreams regardless of social or economic background, while we protect the horse's environment. The other side is our passion to help our industry by providing data, research and investigate new technology advancement for equestrians businesses to improve efficiences and image.

Our goal is to create happier, healthier, & safer horses for everyone in an elite profession protecting horses rider and the environment.

We support causes, industries, and foundations that focus on environmental climate change and the low carbon economy. Therapeutic addiction, everyone-can-ride.  Horse for a humane death against slaughter.

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