"Knowledge is power when applied." E-FC engages private and public industry to study the polluting effects of the horse industry. Our publications will connect the link between the equine sector, environmental agencies, and technology partners to educate and change mindsets that can lead to governmental legislative change through clear best management solutions.
Change the Industry




Change the Environment

Horse comfort and human interaction are proven to help children and adults with mental health challenges. By educating and 'cleaning up' the horse industry and its image, we can bring the horse's influence through environmental stewardship, horse health, and therapeutic care - building centers of excellence and tools for the next generation, all from the beauty of the horse.

These studies will bring about change when shared. E-FC reviews and educates others to the answers using AgriTech and CleanTech Renewables to empower the horse and its value to a low carbon economy as it co-exists with environmental protection. E-FC will showcase data analaytics to drive new innovation and change to empower our horses value in symbiotic relationships.

Educate. Change. Care.

"Through the influence of the horse, we bring equestrians and environmental stewardship together through education, technology & human interaction to impact meaningful change.”

Keeping our next Generation smiling.

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