Equine For Change ​staff and volunteers are passionate educators, finding solutions and fulfilling equestrian dreams regardless of social or economic background, while we protect the horse's environment.

Our tech sector staff and volunteers bring industry statistics,  by providing data, research, and investigation of new technology advancement for equestrians businesses.

We are all focused on giving back. We are part of 1% for the planet. We are part of the cause to stop the inhumane killing of horses for food and working with the disabled to give them a better life through the influence of the horse.

showcasing the evolution of our horse industry through publications.

We will study, write and report on and ultimately help implement EPR data analytics to track and trace where and who are the producers of the waste and how it is affecting the planet (like the Nooksack river) from Agricultural non-point source pollution.

Evaluation & build-out of corporate support infrastructure for future publications; update validation studies, review & analyze the industry, and develop, test, and monitor publications.

With Change Comes Responsibility

Equine For change Foundation will develop & implement a detailed support framework & structure including administrative systems & financial tracking processes, develop education strategies & a hub for sector stakeholders & the public. Assess/manage/compiling technology solutions and BMP processes to, regional, provincial  & federal government, regulatory relationships, and compliance.  Assessment, coordination & creation of sector-specific targets/timelines; hire contractors to undertake build-out of project pilot materials and programs.

Write and produce and market publications to increase sector awareness to the sustainability of keeping our waterways clean from manure leaching. The Result will be to provide conclusive options to transform and accelerate a new sustainable stewardship model in the horse industry.
Technology Stewardship


1. Government legislation to change,the clean water and land initiatives to non-point source pollution focused on preventing water land and air pollution that is affecting climate change in the Ag Sector focused on horse waste. 

2. Software tracing, marketing publications, and national updating of technical innovation on social platformsfocused on Education ( especially the youth.) BMP's reviewing and sharing new Clean Technologies, Agri-Tech, and Renewables to better handle 1000’s of tons monthly of horse manure/shavings residuals to be used as recycling, reuse, or repurposed to help sustainability in the horse industry and produce energy fuel to run Horse Facilities and create a low carbon economy and increase efficiencies in Farms, Races, and Showgrounds. Including sector inefficiency gaps, with a multi-faceted platform to extend our message to indigenous and farmers alike. 

3.Once we have educated and change the horse industry image to be a sustainable industry that is being good stewards of the environment, we can take innovative solutions to fuel and energy and bring it to the ultimate goal of Creating self-sustaining centers of excellence to showcase the evolution of the horse industry. Bringing horses and human interaction for therapeutic care. Horse comfort and human interaction are proven to help children and adults with mental health challenges. By educating and 'cleaning up' the horse industry and its image, we can bring the horse's influence through environmental stewardship, horse health, and therapeutic care - building centers of excellence and tools for the next generation, all from the beauty of the horse.

    Equine For Change (E-FC) is a Canadian company formed in 2019 to promote National Best Management Practices in Agricultural. Waste management Stewardship and the Protection and the Wellness of Horse and Rider. 

Our goal is to create happier, healthier, & safer horses for everyone in an elite profession protecting horses rider and the environment.

Just as important is then to equip them with the knowledge to be better, do better, and engage human interaction to  

"The sport of kings".

Equine Charity
Studies & Reports

Giving Back to the Industry and Sport we love so much, to the people that can never get access to the sport, to the disabled.

Publications consist of industry knowledge. Industry misconceptions. Industry statistics grounded in research. Showcase the concerns. Showcase solutions. Publicize these solutions for implementation by the Ag industry and showcase the results showing where the manure comes from - where it is going.

Our first goal is to create the organizational capacity to pilot marketing publications and media presence to the problems and benefits. Second to ultimately educate the industry & public on strategic initiatives to solve a big problem, and show through innovation we can fuel our own industry.

We want to engage the youth in understanding Agriculture and how the negative effects on air water and fish habitats have come from our sport.