For the Lord grants sound wisdom, He holds success in store for the upright. He is a shield to those who walk with integrity, for he guards the path of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones. With wisdom, you will learn what is right, honest, and fair.  Proverbs 2  v. 6-9

Equine Charity




Through hard work and determination, we push forward and make Fantastic things happen.

Lifelong equestrians in all disciplines across North America.

Our team has worked through government initiatives,  funding grants, and business leadership and training to sits of board-related industries.

A background in social online marketing and copywriting skills to bring the studies to life in publications.

William has over 40 years in Agriculture - GHG;s greenhouses and bio-security. Providing business risk advisory services exclusively to the agribusiness marketplace. With IT publication and Agri0tech  business acumen the Foundation was set up for change with a waste-stream and industry that it over looked in the Agricultural Eco-system.Type your paragraph here.

Paul has developed an extensive record in the emerging areas of digital communications, cleantech, and agricultural technology management focused on the horse industry. With an IT background in mobile, social, and Integrations, his steps to success are Structure, Identity, and Awareness to drive progress and make fantastic things happen, to make a difference.

"I have a passion, in whatever I do, to make a significant difference in the people and world around me. Focusing on my circle of influence, striving not to leave a negative wake, but to expand that circle with knowledge and wisdom with people I work, play, and partner with around the world."

Our growing staff and contracted personnel - have  multi-year experience in finance, compost, agricultural, equine, and on-line marketing.